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Top 5 Scary Travel Destinations

Scary Travel DestinationsA very interesting way to go travelling all around the globe is to travel to various scary travel destinations. It will cause your hair to stand on its edge with an uncomfortable feeling. Some of the best architectures and literatures on horror also are source of immense fascination to the people. There are few places in the world that can strike mortal fear in humans. As per history and hauntings, the following places have earned immense reputation and are centers of tourist attractions:

• Transylvania: It is the land of the most famous Vampire in literature and movies. A bloodthirsty emperor or Dracula was well known for stabbing his enemies on huge stakes. This is definitely spooky and creepy.
• Glamis Castle: If you are taken back to the play of Macbeth as written by William Shakespeare then you will definitely see the Castle of Glamis in Scotland. This is the place where all the supernatural elements are at work hauntings and unusual apparitions appear.
• The Catacombs of Paris: This is one of the most scaring places on the globe. This place is located beneath the city of Paris. It was formed as a result of the expansionary process of the city by the Paris Officials who moved millions of bodies from the nearby cemeteries. This led to the emergence of the world of dead where frequent hauntings are in action.
• Baldoon Castle: It is said that the destiny of the Bride of Lammermoor is the beginning of the hauntings. The ruins are haunted by the ghost of Lammermoor’s bride. During her death anniversary the figure can be prominently seen.
• Edinburgh Vaults: Located in Scotland, this place was left by people due to excess of moisture. Due to unhealthy situation, many suffered from illness and died painfully.


Visiting Orlando with family

Visiting OrlandoOff to Orlando for a fun time with family? You must visit Disney world. Do not rule out Disney world thinking that only kids can enjoy in a place like that. There are tons of attractions that can keep both adults and kids thoroughly entertained for hours. Do not forget to spend ample time at the animal kingdom. There you can witness the animals going about their daily life as if no one is watching them. You will also get to go on a safari ride which will take you so close to the magnificent wild creatures that it will be a trip you will forever remember. If you forget your camera, you will curse yourself for the rest of your life for not being able to capture the stunning scenery and the animals.

Once this is done, you can try out the many Chinese restaurants that are there. There are some that have a speciality. They let you eat as much as you wish and once your plate is empty, a kind waitress or waiter will being you more of the dish you had fancied. If Chinese is not what you and family want, there are many fast food joints to satisfy the entire family, even if everyone wants a different cuisine.

If the sun is shining bright, you should definitely head off to the Alan Shepard Beach. It is a huge beach that covers over five acres of land. It was named after the first American astronaut. If you are lucky enough, you might reach the beach that time when they launch shuttles from there. If the kids want a little change of scenery, there are many shops and restaurants very near to the beach. You can also visit the theme park Legoland which promises to be a lot of fun with over fifty rides and some amazing shows to entertain the entire family.

So start planning your vacation, buy the tickets, pack the bags and have the quality time with family you have been wanting for long.

Best Holidays

Florida: A Premium Holiday Destination

travel FloridaFlorida is considered as one of the premium holiday destinations that can also be a memorable vacation for you. Fishing is done mainly in Florida with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other side. There are multiple inland lakes and stream that also favor fishing. Many tourists also come here for the amusement parks or to enjoy the premium sport events. Or people might just come here to take a break from the busy schedules of their lives. Whatever may be the case, you will definitely find what you want in Florida. Some of the places that must be visited are:

a) Orlando: This place is very well known for the amusement parks that attracts over fifty million tourists every year. Some of the well known parks here are Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios etc. Tourists are also given ample opportunities to have an access to the water parks, golfing chances and nightlife. Here you may find the finest choices of restaurants and cuisines along with exceptionally well accommodations. Due to the various activities that go on, you may find Orlando to be a very busy place but you may also find that the travelling packages for the tourists are very appealing as they try to attract as many people as possible.
b) Tampa: It is a well known place for its cultural excellence. Here you can find aquariums and museums that can excite all your family members. Other adventures may include riding on hot air balloons; play the game of laser tag and small grand prix cars.
c) Miami: It a beautiful place that has some of the most amazing beaches. It has a very active nightlife and gives opportunities for a wide variety of water sport activities. This place is also known for fashion and style.


Exotic locations in India

Exotic locations in IndiaIndia is a place of diverse culture and valuable traditions which binds each man in this magical land with a relationship which is true and pure. This land is welcoming and does not let you go back with any sort of disappointment. It is a really interesting thing to discover this land which has the second most highest number of people and find out why people just love being here in the midst of love and beauty. Given below is a list of a few exotic places in India which you must visit at least once.


This city showcases the biggest monument spelling LOVE. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj-Mahal is truly something which you must see once in your lifetime. Made of milky white marble and erect for over a period of years altogether. This beautiful monument was created by Shah Jahan, one of the Mughal rulers who ruled over India back when the British were yet to arrive.


From the slow moving life of Agra is a stark contrast here in the financial capital of India. Famous also for its colonial building and nightlife, this city which never sleeps is a hub where most Indians dream to be. This city on the western coast of India is a cluster of seven islands and contains the most fast paced life than any other city in India.


If you are at Mumbai you cannot miss going to Goa and enjoy the parties on the white sandy beaches by any chance. Goa is one the topmost tourist destination in India. The adventure sports which are mostly in water, buzzing nightlife, exotic seafood and a number of colonial churches with beauty worth admiration, Goa is one place you must visit on a tour to India.

Travel United States

Visit New York during Christmas!!

New York during ChristmasIf you are thinking of which part of the world to travel this Christmas and want to make sure that there are enough of family activities, then you need not worry because New York is the right place for you. Christmas Trees, carols, decorations, candy stands, sparkling lights, ice skating, Christmas music in stores, street corners and even in the elevators will make New York even more spectacular than usual. Any Christmas trip to New York has its starting shot with “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”. This is the 87th year and will take place this time on Thursday November 28, 2013 at 9AM. This enormous parade, with inflatable balloons, marching bands playing music, hundreds of clowns etc. attract million of people from across the globe. The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday”, is the biggest shopping days of the year. Most shops and stores offer big sales and offers, so shop-till-you-drop!

The Rockefeller Christmas tree is typically lit a week after the Thanksgiving Day. It is the holiday highlight for Christmas in New York. This time it will be lit on 4th December 2013. The tree will remain lit till 7th January 2014 and can be viewed. The tree has been a major tourist attraction for over 75 years. Some tips that should be kept in mind are that you should arrive early to secure a good position for viewing, you should dress warm in heavy coats, hats and gloves for standing in cold night. You can also go skating at the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, but you need to book ahead online to be sure of getting onto the ice. The Chorus tree is called the singing tree because of the carollers who make the ambience more exciting by their performances located at South Street Seaport. The shops at Bryant Park and in Union Square are great places for handmade stuffs.

Cruise Travel

How to assure cheap deals on cruises

cheap deals on cruisesAre you aspiring for a cruise trip yet afraid of your tight wallet? Cruises promise unforgettable vacations no doubt but it’s the exorbitant price tag that makes them near to impossible to access. But if you act smart there are ways how you can actually land up with a cheap cruise deal. The post below is a brief that offers some essential tips to bag an affordable deal on cruise.

First of all, you can get cheap cruise deals if you book early. Yes, if you can book the cabins at least 3 months prior to the sojourn, there are chances of discounted deals by most of the cruise liners. On the other hand, there are last minute discounted deals. At times, if the cruise is not filled till the last date, the cruise companies offer their cabins on big discounts so that they don’t have to sail off with an almost empty cruise. So, keep check on the cruises and their approaching dates from your city ports.

If you are looking for cheap cruise deals, you have to plan your vacation in the off-season. It’s because the cruises would be very much in demand during the usual holiday time say New Year or Christmas. These days Valentine’s Day is also another peak time for the cruises as many couples plan to celebrate the special day romancing on cruise. As the cruises are in great demand during the peak seasons, the cabin rates will be much higher this time. But the cabin rates inevitably go down during the off-season which ensures a pretty affordable cruise deal for you if you are ready to sail in the off-seasons.

Then, you might not know that an inside cabin will get you cheaper deals than outside cabins. Hence if a sea view from the room is not a huge deal for you, take to the indoor cabins.


Visit the beautiful city Vancouver

beautiful city VancouverThe city of Vancouver is regarded by many as one of the best livable cities of the world. There are many reasons behind such a compliment for the city. Due to the ocean currents of the Pacific Ocean, the weather of the place is congenial and comfortable throughout the year. There are many places in Vancouver that you must visit once you are in the city. You should do a detailed research about the city before going on a tour so that you don’t miss out any important place. The airport of the city of Vancouver is one of the busiest and beautiful airports in here.

The city of Vancouver is trying to become a green city in the world and for that they adopted many steps. There are many activities that you can do once you are in the city of Vancouver. Starting from swimming, cycling to skiing, fishing, sailing, etc facilities are available in Vancouver for all these activities for people of age groups. Once you are in Vancouver, you must visit the Stanley Park which the largest urban park in the city spread over an area of around 1000 acres. Walking around the park is the best way to discover all its beauties and attractions. However if you can’t walk such a distance, then you can take a bus or a horse driven car to see the famous places within the park.

The Beaver Lake is a big lake situated in the centre of the park. There are many other lakes situated in the park. There is also a big aquarium near the Georgia St Entrance which is worth a watch. Many good replicas are also there in the park which is worth watch. If you are looking for shopping, then Robson Street is one of the biggest shopping destinations in the city. You can even relax by grabbing a cup of coffee in any of the café shop in the shopping street.

Travel Tips

Tips while traveling with little ones

travelling with kids, travel tipsAre you planning a family tour off late with your little ones at tow? That’s amazing since family tours bring along a bundle of unforgettable memories to cherish for lifetime. However, traveling with kids come with great responsibilities and you have to be very careful here. The article below presents some really useful tips to ensure a safe happy journey with your entire family.

Choose kid-friendly places

When you are traveling with little ones, you have to be smart with the spot selection. It’s advisable to focus on kid-friendly destinations chiefly which can entertain the tiny tots with lots of recreational and educational arrangements. Thus, make sure that your preferred holiday spot is well adorned with theme parks, museums and zoo.

Plan a relaxed itinerary

Maximum comfort is a significant watchword while touring with the kids. Hence you have to choose an itinerary that does not involve rigorous traveling as otherwise the little ones might get fatigued and irritated easily. Focus on one or maximum a couple of destinations for a day. The travel agencies generally have a very rigorous itinerary and if you are going with the one it’s suggested to skip a few places on the go.

Consult physician

You must consult your physician before you set out with the kids. Everybody, especially the little ones should get a basic check up prior to the journey to ensure everybody is fit enough for the travel. Inform your doctor about the place of visit so that he can alert you beforehand on the possible risk factors of traveling there with kids. Carry your physician’s number along with during the travel.

Identity & photo

It’s advised to put your address and contact number in the child’s pocket which would be of great help in case the child somehow gets separated from you in the alien land.


Pay a Visit to the Creepy Torture Museum of Amsterdam

Museum of Amsterdam, travel tipsAmsterdam is known as a place, which is famous for its beautiful scenic views and its culture. In addition, it is known for being the hometown for some of the creepiest monuments and museums and haunted houses. If you are planning to take a trip to Amsterdam, you must pay a visit to the infamous Museum of Torture. It holds some of the equipments, which were built for torture in the medieval times. In the middle ages, the kings and the lords used to use torture as a form of punishment and many castles, palaces, and dungeons had torture equipment. These devices and equipment are still kept in many parts of the world in museums and this torture museum in Amsterdam is one of those. The place is kept in excellent condition and so are the devices.

Air Travel

Few basic tips regarding air travel

air travelIf you are travelling by air recently, then here are few important tips for you which will make your trip comfortable and hassle free. Before you set out for the airport, check properly the number of your departure terminal because if you get down at a wrong terminal, then it will be much difficult for you.

Also check the baggage allowance with your airline. There has been a recent revision of the baggage allowance in the both international and domestic flights. Pack our bags according to the rules and regulations to avoid any type of hassle later on. Also if you overburden your bag, then you will have to end up paying extra amount. Few important points are also there regarding your cabin baggage as well.

Most international flights are not direct and you have to go through a transfer at any intermediate airport. Keep that in mind so that you get down at the correct transfer airport to take your connecting flight.

Don’t forget to take your air ticket as well as few photocopies of it with you during the travel. Also keep an identification proof with you as you may be asked for it any time.